Saturday, April 20, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4: Prices on the Amazon, Media Markt and Telecom

samsung s4As already known, the new Galaxy S4 is April 26 in Germany appear. If you want to save the new flagship smartphone from the Korean manufacturer Samsung is already before the actual release date, it can pre-order of course - but worth it in the face of accurate price samsung s4 comparisons.

samsung s4 Official price of Samsung's current € 649 without a contract commitment. But now there is a much more lucrative offer. Like almost all other smartphones, the price war between the various suppliers actually begins before release. According to the Korean manufacturer's suggested retail price is € 649 without contract.

samsung s4 The known art dealers, Media Markt and Saturn will take over this price for Verlauksstart most likely. However, some industry experts estimate that dealers will correct the price long before the release times down. The online retailer Amazon offers the Samsung Galaxy S4 without contract for € 649.

samsung s4 However, those who make the effort and use various price search engine, also found the Galaxy S4 current prices from 635 euros. Most affordable supply comes from Deutsche Telekom. There, the Samsung Galaxy S4 offered without contract for € 599 through its own online store. But of course you can specify the new Samsung smartphone in conjunction with the new contract.

samsung s4 is the provider 1 & 1 offers the best deal today. In conjunction with the so-called all-net-flat-rate for EUR 49.99 per month, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is included. Mobilcom providers Debitel customers have a choice of different levels, but here also € 129 paid as a supplement. This is fixed for the moment, however, to be seen whether and how the various merchants and mobile operators will adjust their prices shortly after the release of the samsung s4.

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